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About Wordcatcher...

Wordcatcher Publishing titles are aimed at young adult readers 13 years  and over, and adults, and Onion Custard Kids is for children and  pre-teens. 

In order to qualify for these imprints we have to be involved in the  editorial process, and we also take the lead on cover design. Titles  also need to fit into our catalogue. Wordcatcher and Onion Custard Kids  publications typically do not involve author's paying for services to  get their book into print and distribution - in essence we only make  money when we sell books. They follow the 'traditional' publishing  model.

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Wordcatcher Publishing
16 Waun y Groes Road, Cardiff, CF14 4SW, U.K.
Tel: 02921 888321

Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd. Reg. No. 10913921
Traditional publishing imprints: Wordcatcher Publishing / Onion Custard Kids.
Assisted publishing imprint: Auxillium Press 


Wordcatcher is dedicated to publishing some poetry too.

New Releases...

Our latest releases across the different genres. Discover something new  to read - whether it's fiction or non fiction, poetry or professional  development, history or children's, we have something for everyone.