The Terry McGuire Series...

Book 1


The book that launched the Terry McGuire series of crime thrillers. Now available in paperback at £5.99 BUY HERE

An allegation of police corruption and a body, frozen for years, is found buried on a beach. Is there a connection between the cases and if so only one man is right for the job...DI Terry McGuire.

Book 2


The Flasher is still at large and McGuire's team are tasked with a drug import case whilst McGuire is the target of a revenge hit man that will test him and his team to the limit.

Book 3


People traffickers preying on vulnerable girls. McGuire is determined to end the misery - whatever the cost. 

Book 4


The elderly residents of a care home are dying and McGuire suspects the care might not be all it's meant to be.

Book 5


A IRA hit man is on the run from his terrorist cell and begins to ply his trade in South Wales. McGuire is the only man who can stop him. 

Book 6


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Book 7


When the homeless people of a South Wales seaside resort begin to disappear, McGuire begins to suspect a sinister operation is at play.

Book 8


A serial killer in New York and a series of murders in the UK have something in common that will challenge McGuire and his team.

A new hero is born...


Coming soon: RAVEN.

A new series of thrillers...


Ex SBS marine, Raven Connor is a private detective working the South Wales area of the UK.

McGuire and Raven a team?


Will McGuire retire and team up with raven Connor?

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The Books

“Crime stories from authors who know what they’re writing about.”


The book series in order...

Unethical Conduct

Edge of Integrity

Death and Depravity 

Angel of Death

Nest of Vipers

Night Hawker



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Reviews of the series:

5.0 out of 5 starsA brilliant read and thoroughly recommended

17 February 2016

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Another  great read from the pen of Arthur Cole.  So realistic is his writing  that you are there, at the scene; investigating the crime - probably  then no coincidence then that Arthur is a retired police officer and has  been ably mentored as a writer by Nigel Williams.  Nigel is himself a  former police officer and an accomplished wordsmith, so Arthur and  "Unethical Conduct" were in the best of hands.

Reviews for the series...


5.0 out of 5 starsBETRAYAL

7 September 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I think this book has to be my favourite out of the series. It has been action packed from beginning to end with so many different characters some old others new. The story lines to do with the various investigations in this book have been amazing but believable all credit to the authors.

5.0 out of 5 starsMost enjoyable book

ByDavidon 2 July 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I am a person who had lost interest in reading for any length of time. Until now.
The book kept me captivated and interested.

The first book in the Frank Dix series by Nigel C. Williams


"Gene Hunt from 'Life on Mars' is a softy compared to Frank Dix." 

Set in 1962, this story is based on characters first created for "No Step Back" by Alan Lloyd MBE and Nigel C. Williams

An Industry Lost - the pride, passion and pain of mining by Arthur Cole


Out now.



When is the next book due to be published?


”Raven” will be released sometime early in the new year.